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Water Air



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Does Not Mutate

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Snodkle are snowflake-like monsters that live deep in the forests of the Snow Plains. In order for a Flakle to mutate into a Snodkle it must be exposed to very cold weather, so wild Flakle on Exile Island never mutate.

This monster keeps its body warm by drawing in the heat from the air around it, this causes the moisture in the air to become chillingly cold and crystallize on the spot, so it is common to see Snodkle surrounded by ice crystals. This method of drawing heat is effective in the cold, but it can cause the Snodkle to overheat in hot climates.

The condensation that collects on the Snodkle's body is dispelled through the hairs on its tail, so there is often a trail of water on the ground where a Snodkle has passed.

Map LocationEdit

Snodkle is not found in the wild.

Mutation LineEdit

Snodkle mutates from Flakle starting at level 23. It is the final form of its mutation line.


HP: 7 Atk: 7
Def: 7 Spd: 7
Int: 7 Stats: 17

Skill SetEdit

Snodkle learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Bubble Bomb


35 Water
Elite Attack 32 75 Basic
Iceberg Throw 45 90 Water
Thawing Glacier 60 120 Water

Loot ListEdit

Snodkle is not found in the wild, thus cannot be looted.

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Snodkle's name is a play on the words "Snow" and "Icicle."
-Snodkle was designed by PrincessPhoenix