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Tame Rate:

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Map Rarity:

Very Rare

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Ninstar is a small ninja-star like monster that has a spherical fuchsia-colored body and four steel-hard triangular appendages protruding from its body. The shape and color of these appendages resemble the blades of a ninja star.

These monsters are quiet and rather shy around humans, thus they are difficult to find in the wild. However in areas of high human activity, such as the Dragon Palace, they may be a bit less shy and easily findable.

The main mode of transportation for the Ninstar is by spinning their front three blade-like appendages like a propeller and using the back blade as a rudder to turn. They can hover while in a vertical position, but they are most agile if they turn on their back and fly through the air in a horizontal direction. While in a horizontal flying mode, Ninstars are unable to see where they are going and so they often crash into plants, rocks and even other monsters.

Ninstars shed their skin every few months, and tamers collect these hard shells and use them as weapons to throw at each other. These shed skins are often referred to as "Ninstar Shurikens."

Map LocationEdit

Ninstar is found on the following maps in both Seeds:

  • Plains 0A (Very Rare)
  • Snow Plains-MiddleRight (Very Rare)
  • Headache C2 (Very Rare)
  • One House Hill (Very Rare)
  • Maze Forest TM (Very Rare)
  • Dragon Palace TG (Very Rare)


Ninstar can also be bred by following Type Rule #33, which states:

A Male Steel/Basic Type + A Female Basic/Air Type = Ninstar

Male Female Result
SteelBasic +


= Dpmfa049

Mutation LineEdit

Ninstar mutates into Starija starting at level 33, and again into Nindageon starting at level 53.


HP: 6 Atk: 2
Def: 2 Spd: 6
Int: 4 Stats: 10

Skill SetEdit

Ninstar learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Double Strike


30 Basic
Air Blade 10 40 Air
Rage Burst 23 45 Basic
Agile Strike 30 50 Basic

Loot ListEdit

You can obtain the following by looting wild Ninstars:

  • Mysterious Horn (Special)
  • Ninstar Shuriken
  • Plain Pelt (White)
  • Antler (Silver)

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Ninstar's name is derived from the words "Ninja" and "Star."
-Ninstar is based on a Ninja Star.
-Ninstar costs 20 Tokens to buy from the Token Shop.
-Ninstar was designed by PrincessPhoenix