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Nindageon is a large steel-type serpentine dragon. It is mainly gray with cream-colored scales running along the underside of its body. It contains two blade-like fins along the length of its body that are gray with red outlines, and a large pair of gray wings with white borders. A sharp three-pronged spade adorns its tail, that of which is red with a gray outline.

Due to the great amount of energy its pre-mutation Starija must store before it is able to mutate, Nindageon are difficult to find. It is believed that wild Starija may take up to 50 years to gather enough energy to mutate, and unfortunately many of them don't live that long.

Nindageons are masters of the night. Their sharp, bladed wings give them the ultimate form of aerodynamics and silence, and despite their large size they can glide effortlessly and without noise. Unlike their pre-mutations, Nindageons are hunters and feed on whatever monsters they can capture, large or small. It is said that a Nindageon's wing can slice through a tree trunk with no noise at all.

Tamer records show that Nindageon were once the dragon of choice for night raids by the Dragon Emperor, but since the armies of the land began to favor attacking during the day, the large sleek Nindageon was swapped for the smaller but flashier Feurota. Evidence of their former influence can still be visible in the training areas near the castle, where a population of Ninstar can be found living wild and free.

Map LocationEdit

Nindageon is not found in the wild.

Mutation LineEdit

Nindageon mutates from Starija starting at level 53. It is the final form of its mutation line.


HP: 8 Atk: 7
Def: 10 Spd: 8
Int: 7 Stats: 20

Skill SetEdit

Nindageon learns the following skills naturally:

Skill Name Level Learned Power Element
Gusting Wind


75 Air
Berserk 40 80 Basic
Skyward Slash 52 155 Air
Steel Beam 60 200 Steel

Loot ListEdit

Nindageon is not found in the wild, thus cannot be looted.

Other Info/TriviaEdit

-Nindageon's name is a play on the words "Ninja" and "Dragon"
-Nindageon was designed by PrincessPhoenix
-Nindageon is involved in the Breeding Quest for Rinbor.
-The NPC "Light Tamer PrincessPhoenix" is renowned for her quest that asks for 6 Nindageon.
-Nindageon has undergone a couple of type element edits since its addition to the game. It was originally added as a Steel/Air, then was later edited to Steel/Ancient, then back to Steel/Air.
-Because of the type revisions mentioned above, there may be some Nindageon that know skills of the Ancient type.